Battery Pack

Battery Pack Pro 3.2

Keep an eye on your battery, memory and storage cards

Checking the state of your battery, memory or expansion cards can prove impractical and annoying. Battery Pack is a suite of utilities desgined to make your life much easier.

Some of the utilities included in Battery Pack are:

Battery Bar

Displays Battery, Memory, Storage Card, Network connection, Time, World Time & backlight data on the today screen. Tap on each section for detailed information.

Speaks to you when your battery, memory or storage cards are low, or battery is fully charged. Battery life is shown in hours an minutes. This customizes itself to how you use your Pocket PC over time.

Program Bar

Create up to 160 shortcuts to your favorite Pocket PC programs right on your Today screen. Auto scroll to pack the maximum number of icons into the minimum space.

Tap and hold on an item to find full information about it.

Power Time

World time view. See where it's daylight, or check when your friends / customers are awake or at work. Automatically grabs the latest exchange rates & current weather conditions for each city. With Journal Bar installed, displays the current 5 day forecast for each city. Get detailed information about each city. With 1-Calc installed, tap on the exchange rate to launch 1-Calc to quickly convert currency.

Power Task

Close button actually closes programs. Speed up your Pocket PC by closing slowly running programs taking up lots of memory. Keep your Pocket PC running as fast as the day you bought it!

...and much, much more! A great solution for all those little things you wish your Pocket PC did by default.

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Battery Pack


Battery Pack Pro 3.2

User reviews about Battery Pack

  • cchiang12

    by cchiang12

    "Nice program to have but pricy"

    Wonderful program to keep track of battery status and little nice battery icon below the clock. It's a keeper..   More.